April 28th, 2008
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End of The Season


Saturday’s match was a bit of an anti-climax. Our season died a few days earlier, with a draw against Belper. Nevertheless, the biggest league crowd was at the final game of the season, against Spalding, who finished a rather unceremonious bottom.

It was a fun game, but you could tell that nobody could really be bothered. Which was a shame as a lot happened. Two saved penalties, six goals and a sending off (with the Bay winning 4-2) sounded like a fascinating game, however – as one of my mates said – it was like watching people play Pro Evolution Soccer.

The attendance was over 500, but you could hear a pin drop. Here’s one of Johnny Lawless’s best chances, which is terrible quality (the video, not the chance).

YouTube Preview Image

And so, another football season comes to a close, and Colwyn Bay have faultered towards the end. It’s obvious why – the fact the Unibond League have decided that we’re closer with playing teams in Lincolnshire and Derbyshire than play teams in and around Manchester. The travelling has cost us at least 5 players this season, and also games were cancelled early on “getting better days”, which meant that there was pretty hefty fixture congestion towards the end. These games would’ve probably gone ahead if the teams were travelling from Manchester instead of Sheffield.

Then again, the fact is we simply didn’t perform on certain key games. Carlton beating us 4-3 when we were 3-0 down was one of the lowlights, our non performances against Grantham were painful. So, in esscence, we’re not entirely blameless.

There are a lot of positives, in Neil Black we’ve got a heck of a striker, and the core of the team is there. We just need depth and a few players in key positions. There’s also talk of restructuring the league next year, so that it is a (preferred) East/West split rather than a North/South. This would be better for us in the long run, as – looking at the teams we would be playing, I’d fancy our chances.

Of course, I’m looking at more immeidate things, which is what the ruddy hell am I going to do about with my summer?

EDIT: Oooeerrr, weren’t expecting that. Between writing this and this publishing, our manager has parted ways with our club. This could be an interesting summer at Llanelian Road.

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