April 2nd, 2008
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Hook, Line & Sinker


Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare my April Fools Gag of 2008 a complete success!



If I’ll can be so smug – it was everything a good April Fools gag should be: harmless, not treading on anybody’s toes (learnt my lesson a few years back after a major news organisation demanded I took it down), and I fooled a number of people (mentioning no names. Guy. Bloggeries.).

There have been some good ones (Google, John Chow, Shoemoney, ‘Dharma’ Geezer from Diamond Geezer and The Net Fool) and some not so good ones (I’m with Malin – anybody blogger who ever does an april fools ‘joke’ where they sell their blog for millions should be castrated, it’s uncreative and a little arrogent). However, as a result, here’s my awards for the best April Fools Gags yesterday.

April Fools Gag I Fell For: Virtual Boy Games Coming To The Virtual Console (with 3D Specs)

Rubbishingest Non-April Fools Gag: Recent Garden – Retro Garden would become a blog for New Games, Featuring a review of Call of Duty 4. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it. Moment’s gone.

Story That Could Be An April Fool Gag But I Can’t Decide: Guitar Hero for the C64.

Meme Become Aware Of: “Rickrolling” (thanks To Youtube, John Cow and Cheezburger) – the art of having an inconspicuous link to a video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Most Improved: Mum, who excelled herself from her previous half arsed attempts of “It’s snowing!” and offering to make us cereal replacing the spoons with forks.

This year she sent a text informing us that the government – along with greenpeace – have found a way to cut carbon emissions equivalent to 153,000 aeroplanes. All you do is if everybody holds their breath for 20 seconds beginning at 11am, then less Co2 will be breathed out.

Biggest Story That Wasn’t An April Fools: Colwyn Bay’s Police Station Being On Fire, we honestly thought it was an April Fools. It wasn’t.

Best April Fool’s Gag: There really is only one winner. IGN.com with the Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer. Sheer amount of work went into it, and I actually would really like to see it!

YouTube Preview Image

Those are my picks, what are yours?

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