April 23rd, 2008
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Make Me Happy People


I hate football.

It’s just so easy to become depressed with it. Yesterday was as low as low can be. With every football fan, you have teams you love, and teams you want to see do well. Anyway, my teams are basically Colwyn Bay, Liverpool, Welsh teams, and North West teams.

In the last 24 hours, I have seen Colwyn Bay lose 2-0 to Goole (which is a bloody difficult team to type, as I usually type in Google) in a rough game that ended 10-9 a side. Rather interesting, they had Chris Kamara‘s nephew playing, who was called…Chris Kamara.

Also, Liverpool have drawn 1-1 with Chelskum, which – not only means there’s a smug bastard down in New Zealand, it also means that we could have a London team in the final of the Champions League. Again. It’s just not right.

Furthermore, Wrexham have been relegated from the football league, and Cardiff’s playoff hopes have been pissed on.

All in all, every team who I kinda like at the moment have been dismal, and – as somebody who bases a dangerous amount of his life on the success of football – I am miserable. And that girl hasn’t text me back.

Give me something to be happy about people.

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