April 14th, 2008
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Mario Kart Wii First Thoughts


Forgive me Mario – for I should never had doubted you.

There’s only one way to describe Mario Kart Wii – perfect. I doubt I’ve had so much fun with a game for about 10 years. Seriously. I will do a proper review soon but all I can say is get it. You will not be disappointed.

My original fears were on the Wii Wheel and online mode. Both those fears have been alleviated. The Wheel works fantastically, so much so that I haven’t played it without it. It just works fantasically allowing for smooth movements. It’s nowt like driving properly though, but who cares?

And online mode? Absolutely incredible. I have become a hermit this weekend purely because I’ve been playing games online. In little over 24 hours I had won 250 games online. It’s that addictive.

The next step is to race some of you guys online!

So, I have created a Wii page up there, so you can hopefully arrange a game. I will add to it obviously when I get a new online game. It’s rather good as you can easily drop in on friends online. So leave your code here or on my Wii page.

Here’s a list of things of funny things come accross online.

Funniest Mii Name – A New Zealander called KiiWii

Famous People Raced – I had a race with 2 George W. Bush’s (Bushi?). I was also in a race with 3 Adolf Hitlers and Albert Einstien

Proper Famous People I Maybe Have Raced – I raced some German called Nico85. He was quite good. I was convinced it was F1 Legend Nico Rosberg.

Possible Coincidence That Wasn’t – Racing a guy called Rhys who may have posted on this entry here. Turns out it wasn’t, but a few e-mails back and forth meant that we did manage a few games. Bloody hell he’s good!

So, play me online, if you dare. I don’t want to say how good I am, but if it was my driving test, I’d have passed yesterday.

I’m also thinking about changing my name from “Rhys” to something else. What should be my new gamer tag? Is “gospelrhys.co.uk” too whorish?

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