Today, I’m going to show you how I made nearly £5 on Sunday. What you need is the following:

  • £3
  • The Royal Ascot Machine in Llandudno
  • 2 Friends

Quite simply, bet on the blue, green, yellow and white horses each time. At the most you’ll lose is 80p, and the chances of winning one of those horses are rather high.

Don’t believe me, this was my stack of 10 pences after 10 minutes.

Three pounds 90! 90p made in 10 minutes! That’s £129.60 a day! Not bad is it?

I guess I should explain. On Sunday me and my mates decided to meet rather impromptuently in Llandudno. The reason? None, but we ended up on a minipub crawl, and I got the number of said girl mentioned in the previous post.

Anyway, why did I mention our success in the Horse Racing Game on Llandudno Pier? Well, one thing I have noticed recently is things going for overly inflated values (I’m not using the “scam” word, becuase people did get what they were buying, but I will use the word “misrepresentation”), and I’ve noticed more and more “Guarenteed Money Makers”, especially online.

I’m not really talking about stuff you can sign up for free, or indeed affiliate programs for pieces of software, those aren’t half bad (as you get something for either a small price or nothing). Plus those of you who promote these things aren’t too bad, as usually you have experience of the software to promote them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this – what will work for somebody won’t necessarily work for you. Yes there’s plenty of software and programs out there that will make you a little bit of money, or you may stumble upon something that nobody has focussed on (though it’s a lot harder this way). Just be careful if people promise you riches online, or say “follow this this and this and you will be a millionaire like me”, because chances are you won’t.

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