As I’m becoming more and more of a successful blogger, people want to be seen with me. Not in a escort service kinda way, more in an associate kinda way. In the last few weeks, there have been a number of public figures commenting on my blog.

The first one is American wrapper Kanye West, who took time out of his busy schedule to give his opinions on my movie tastes:

“list of movies is great. thank you”

He was trying to sweet talk me into allowing me to leave a link to his brand new mp3 russian download site. It didn’t work.

Secondly, we have Bill Gates. Yes, the man who was ousted as the richest man in the world recently gave his thoughts on Firefox. He wanted to share his favourite extensions. Guess what they were?

“My favourite extensions are IETab and Firebug”

An example of a celebrity who does contribute to comments is Rhyse Richards. A few months ago I did post on why this…ahem…adult entertainment star is the reason why I don’t worry about SERPS. Turns out that post had the desired effect – getting that page in particular ranked in google, and not random other pages, which resulted in less of the “Where the fuck is Rhyse Richards you big gay!” comments I was getting seemingly every day.

However, I didn’t expect in a million years for the girl herself to actually comment:

“Hi just thought I would give my thoughts, actually my hair and my boobs are fake,
however I don’t see what that says.. but ok I understand that you feel the need to put people down to feel better about yourself … I however work very hard to look as good as and compete with the girls 15 years younger than me it is apparently working as you took time to write about me.. so I obviously got your attention .. and Rhys just thought I would say Hi… your picture is great.. glad I share my name with you !!! xoxoxo Rhyse Richards”

Yeah, she insulted Jem, but the amount of abuse she gets, I suspect she’s used to it. What matters is her comment was actually contributed to the discussion, and it’d be rude for me not to accept her comment if I was talking about her.

So bravo Rhyse – you are deserving of the first four letters of the name. And have become probably my most famous commenter, beating Tom Renyolds and my mate Andy who was on The Weakest Link a few years back.

Who has been your most famous commenter or contributor on your blog?

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