April 10th, 2008
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The Day That Blogging Almost Died


“Awww!” I got a bunch of e-mails talking about my blog post yesterday, “Why haven’t you featured my grizzly demise?”.

Surprisingly, before posting it I was most nervous about whether my humour was a little too dark, and people would take it the wrong way that I’d want them – in true Godfather stylee – dead.

Thankfully, you understood my humour, and actually were insulted that I didn’t include you. Don’t worry, it wasn’t malicious, there was a very good reason.

Yesterday’s post was written in about 5 minutes.

You see, pre Liverpool dicking of Arsenal and post arriving home, we had an emergency of epic proportions at Chez Wynne. The internet went down, and we couldn’t figure how to get it back up.

As far as we were concerned the wireless router was working (I could view my brother’s porn collection on the home network), and the light on the router which says “internet connection present” was on. Just nothing.

Anyway, I did what I always do when the internet is not there – panicked. A lot. “I’ve got things to do!”, I exclaimed, largely because it was one of those days where advertisers were throwing money at me. “Take this money!” Rhys, they screamed, and I was like “NO!”. Well, I wasn’t, but I couldn’t accept it as I wasn’t online.

Plus, worringly, I had not written a blog post.

Anyway, a phone call to Tesco.net call centre (which would’ve won the award for “Most inept call centre rang in the last 24 hours” – until I rang Paypal’s! God they were shockingly bad)., and then another, and then another we managed to establish that in the process of paying for the bill on the Sunday, we had accidentally reset our password. As such, we had to reset our password and our router password in order to get back on.

So, I managed to get online at about 20 to 8. The Liverpool Arsenal began at quarter to. I vommed out a quick post which was yesterday article.

Not bad for five minutes eh?

So, hypothetically speaking, if my post wouldn’t have been in my feed reader when you checked it yesterday, how would you have coped?

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