It’s May tomorrow! Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that come the end of the month, I will have left Europe, and be in North America. I’m still looking for guestposters! I’ve had 3 articles submitted so far, and ideally could do with 5 more. If you are interested, please Register Here.

Anyway, it’s been a hectic month with a slight redesign, I will talk more about it below, and me pushing a few more sites. Nevertheless – thanks to some of my top commenters and sponsors for their wisdom and funds this month:-

Big thanks to my sponsors too! Find out how to advertise here.

So, what of this blog? Well I’ve done a little restructuring on the sidebar. I’ve finally dropped Entrecard – I was seeing no traffic benefit from it. In it’s place, I have stuck a few affiliate links.

Hear me out.

The affiliate links are for software I use, I enjoy using, and would recommend to people. There’s another reason, as I’ve set myself a challenge, to earn money from a few affiliate sites. I’ve set myself a figure, and a goal should I achieve that figure. Wish me luck!

Anyway, for this great task I need motivation, as such I’ve grabbed one of those “motivation posters”.

I think it’ll work, what do you think?

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