So, with all of the April Fools Schenanegans going on around this part, what about me? What have I been upto?

Well, last Saturday I had driving lesson #9, and I’ve been born again driving, as my instructor is taking me out of familiarity. Last week it was first time I hit 60mph. This week, it was the first time I drove in the rain (I know, surprised me!), first time I braved the mean main streets of Colwyn Bay and Abergele, first time I’ve drove with headlights, and the first time I managed not to stall in my lesson.

I was so happy! I know stalling doesn’t matter in the test, but I apparently took longer than most people not to stall. Though I wasn’t perfect – I was corning a bit wide and pulled out of gear without the clutch down – I am definitely getting better.

Creative Commons License photo credit: monkeyatlarge

I’m also been planning my holiday a little more, what with Z going to New York, and my hols being less than 2 months away. I’m thinking of going to Boston for two nights – I generally become rubbish traveller if I stay in one place, so I’m thinking Boston could be a cool city for me I’m just thinking if this will be a good idea. Anybody been? What’s it like? Is it worth going?

Finally, I’ve been spending money on Pro Evoultion Soccer 2008 for the Wii. It’s stupidly fun and it’s a football game I’m half decent at – and unlike any football game I’ve ever played. If you fancy a game, you can add me to your friend list for a kicking or two, my number is 3523 2033 4847. What’s yours?

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