May 22nd, 2008
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Bachelor Boy


Anybody who knows me fairly well knows that I live with my parents. It’s not ideal, I know, but thanks to rich English types deciding “Oooh yes, we need a home in the North Wales coast to live in, as our 19 houses is nearly not enough!”, I cannot afford a house to rent. Sucks I know, but it’s the pain of living in a designated¬† tourist area.

As such, I’ve been living my life as a 15 year old kid ever since moving back from Liverpool nearly two years ago. It’s not ideal, but until the housing market goes belly up (bring on the credit crunch I say, in a shortsighted view), I’m here living at home.

I help out, and generally a good house guest, but it doesn’t feel like my house.

Until my mum and dad goes away, like today (which is Wednesday, like I wake up at 5am to blog!). I enjoy the time on my own, even though I’m rather a social person.

As last night was the Champions League Final, this is another quick post, so as a result, here’s the top 10 reasons why I enjoy this time on my own.

1. My TV. Mine. Which is 24-7 Sky Sports News.

2. Wii Mario Kart, on Widescreen TV.

3. Mansnacks.

4. Weeing with the door open.

5. Replacing the “Il Divo” DVD in the Kitchen DVD with “Wrestlemania 24″.

6. Spending quality time with the dog.

7. No “Our Place In The Sun” Programmes.

8. Dispelling the myth that I am completely allergic to cooking.

9. Holding bitching parties, with strong beer and cheap women.

10. Scaring the bejesus out of my parents and family.

So what do you like about living with people, or on your own?

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