May 20th, 2008
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Bull in a Curry House


Following the Staff vs. Fans 2008 game, it was decided that a few of us would go for a curry to celebrate. In the end, five of us showed up in a curry house in the centre of Colwyn Bay. It was a nice curry, though the alcohol and the dripping chutneys meant I made a little bit of a mess.

Anyway, the curry was finished, I paid, stood up, went to get out, and knocked over a wall.

A wall with a mirror on it.

That went crashing to the floor.

This “wall” actually was no more than a posh division, the type seen in offices worldwide, it had a fitted mirror, and was totally free standing. It was about 6 foot tall, about 6 inches wide, and completely free standing. You don’t need a physics degree to tell you that it was an accident waiting to happen, as anybody could’ve knocked it over (as my friends kept telling me). But what if I had tripped and fell into it, instead of just grazing it? I could’ve done myself a nasty accident, and be the sort of person within Claims Direct wet dreams.

Either way, serious accident avoided, but I felt terrible, I felt like I was completely out of it and drunkenly fell into it. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The poor chaps had to clean up after me, and I just fell terrible. I remembered the Goodness Gracious Me video when it happened. Which I’m posting here.

YouTube Preview Image

Plus I’ve now got 7 years bad luck! Woe is me! What can overturn the bad luck as soon as possible?

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