May 13th, 2008
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The other interesting thing from the weekend was the return of Gladiators, officially third to Gamesmaster and The Crystal Maze as the greatest TV show of the 90′s, on Sky One. With hope of reviving old shows, I’m praying those two will make a comeback soon. But Sunday night it was Gladiators night, luckily, I managed to pugil stick my Dad off the remote which was on Songs of Praise at the time, to settle down to the return of Gladiators.

I’m not going to bother explaining it, as I’m sure you’re all aware how it works. But this year there were new Gladiators and the lure of new events lured me in.

It isn’t perfect, I compared it too much to the old one (the Roman classical music rather than soft rock annoyed me), and with the exception of Oblivion, the rest of the Gladiators are pretty – well – forgettable (and where are the attractive female ones? Not one of them is doable), and they just seemed a bit weaker in comparison to the oldies.

We’ll see anyway.

I did still enjoy it though, it was good fun for an hour on a Sunday. Will it maintain my interest for the next few weeks, we’ll see.

Did you see it? What did you make of it? And – (I fear Ryan may have asked this question before) – if you were a gladiator, what would be your name and why?

My name would be one to describe one aspect of my personage which I am good at (something which, unless you are both female and attractive, you’d never know). I was unsure whether to call myself a Dynamo or a Jackhammer, so I’ll just settle on Dynahammer!

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