Pretty quiet weekend for me this weekend to be honest, I spent Saturday having a driving lesson, and went out for a bit on Saturday Night. Which was fun. It was one of those nights with a beer that you put the world to rights. Two main topics of conversation (well, there were 4, but 2 aren’t really for the general public) during my short visit to the pub were this.

The first is simple – why can’t you get turkey eggs? I mean, at first we thought that turkey eggs were too valuable to eat, but then I thought that once an egg is laid unfertilised, it can’t possibly become a turkey. Or can it? Or have I got the sexual systems of the Turkey completely wrong?

Secondly, we are in the playoffs part of the season, where four teams compete to be promoted to the Premier League. Now, when picking teams to go up from the Championship to the Premiership is easy. I like teams who have never been in the Premiership before to get promoted. So far, this year we have Stoke City (who have been already promoted) and either Bristol City or Hull City (who incidentally are the only football league club whose name you cannot colour in), who are both looking good for the playoffs. I think I’d prefer Bristol to go up from that group, if only because I’m not a big fan of Hull. Is this just me, or does anybody else feel as passionately about this as me? Who do you want to see promoted?

Anyway, it was a quiet day, and I ended up getting the bus home. Which, on the way home, got stuck on the corner, so I had to walk home.


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