May 9th, 2008
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This is why I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet drunk.

This post is for a new site which I have been busy making the past week, and which I would love you to join and contribute to you.

It’s primarily aimed at single people, but coupled people can join it too, it’s more aimed at bloggers, which I know a lot of you are.

Anyway – say hello to, the world’s first blogger dating site!

It all started last Friday, with a Twitter Update from Malin, who wanted to know where a single girly blogger goes to…ahemm…get a little bit of ‘action’. Immediately, my boddingtons assisted head spured into action and thought “hmmm! I know! A blogging dating site!”.

After a few domain name searches, I found Shagablogger, and snapped it up (my first ever .com! Go Me!).

Of course, the next morning came the hangover, and the thought of that it may have not been the best idea, luckily Han pestered me to keep it going, so after trying a number of scripts, I settled on one to build on.

4 days later, and the softest of soft launch on Twitter, and the site is live and kicking.

Basically it’s primarily going to be either a dating site with a networking side or a networking site with a dating side, I will be pushing the forums mainly, and hopefully integrating more stuff for bloggers, for them to find useful.

But I’d love it if you joined, posted a little on the forums, and just generally be merry!

And excuse the domain name, it is rather crass – though in the 3 days since launch I’ve found though crass = traffic  (more on that next week). Also, do you think it’s a good idea? Are there enough desperate single sexy bloggers out there to make it successful?

Right, see you monday!

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