May 19th, 2008
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Staff vs. Fans 2008: The Result!


So, this weekend had one defining point – the Staff vs. Fans Game 2008. General consensous was that the shorts were too tight (as emphasised by one of the photos on this blog post), the kit was horrible tangerine which chaffed my nipples something rotten, and we’d be hard pushed to win this year, largely because the Staff team, who last year underestimated us, would do no such thing. Plus they had pinched a number of players (traitors).

So it was a little surprising that we didn’t crumble. We held out for 45 minutes without them threatening much, but we were doing well, with a heck of an opportunity that went wide of the bar. We were happy, and thought that the team were there for the taking.

Second half started bright for us, with one of our players hitting the post, and generally doing okay, however a bit of a defensive mix up left one player unmarked and we conceeded.

Unfortunately heads dropped, and the floodgates opened. I forgot the scoreline, but it was a little flattering to the Staff team, who had obviously paid the referee a sizeable amount! None of the fans team should be ashamed of themselves, as holding out for 45 minutes against a much better team was fantastic.

So, if you haven’t already worked out, the winner of the competition is Han, who’s 34 minutes was closest to the official time of 55:47 of the first goal. Congratulations again!

And congratulations go to the staff team, as well as Inner Frame for sponsoring the prizes. Unlike last year, we all got medals so I had a silver medal, which has been put on my “second place mantlepiece”, as I always get second place! It’s not fair! I want something that says “first” on it.

Hopefully we’ll get the trophy back next year.

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