May 1st, 2008
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Tattoo’s? No. Scars? Oh Yes.


Before deciding that the people who have them are as common as table salt, I used to want a tattoo, I wanted something typically welsh, like a dragon or something, and it had to be classy (after seeing a mate of a mate with a tattoo of Mr. Funny on their arm). However, I also didn’t want my tattoo to not suit me (as I have unbelievably pale skin), so I decided to experiement.

It was “free henna tattoos” night at the university. I wanted one to show my patriotism, which would eventually become a permanent feature on my arm – a Welsh Dragon. Alas, they didn’t have it, so I made do with a a prince of wales feathers (the photo to the right for the unitiated).

The woman obviously didn’t like me, so she fucked up the bottom of the tattoo (the crown and everything below it), it fell off after about an hour, leaving me with the top part of the feathers.

Unfortunately, I have since found out I have an allergic reaction to henna, so when I came to wash it off my arm, it left a faint – yet prominent – scar outlining the prince of wales feathers.

As well as this, the scar is simply the outline, which – when you look at it – it kinda looks a bit like a cock.

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to keep it hidden from multiple girlfriends and mates, but it’s surprising how prominent it is, to me anyway.

Where are your scars?

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