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So, the launch of Shagablogger was a while back, and – whilst not stunning – it’s probably been the best website launch I’ve ever done. Here’s my thoughts on it.

The Good
The good is how much traffic I got. Bare in mind that with the exception of my Twitter feed, I have not done any social media postings, or indeed that much promotion (short of my guestpost on Temerity Jane and a mention on John Chow – which, incidentally, actually sent me less traffic than Melissa’s blog on it. So the whole “John Chow Effect” is marketing bollocks). After settling down I’m averaging around 50 visitors a day, which equals 300 uniques. Horray!

The Bad
The Bad, man, it’s real bad. Three days after launch, my five year old computer finally gave up the ghost and died on me. The hard drives should be okay (suspect it could be a motherboard failure), but even so, it’s not something I need.

I’ve decided however that I’m not touching it until I get back from New York. Truth be told, I really don’t need the hassle before, and I’m coping just fine on this one (which is my mum’s, and a hell of a lot faster than mine!). Furthermore, I’ve installed a few bits and pieces to keep it running smoothly.

The other thing is the software I was using for Shagablogger.com – Boonex Dolphin – is so idiosyncratic it’s unbeleivable. It’s a semi-free piece of software, but so difficult to use at times. Out of the box it’s fine, it’s just sticking in things like clickable links that makes it tricky to use. Also, I got the newest version (6.1), which none of the mod makers have upgraded to as it works on completely rewritten code from 6.0.5, and as such none of the previous mods work.

Trust me though, that was the best of a bad bunch. Somebody could quite easily make a fortune with a free, open source, wordpress like dating script!

However, as a result, and because we’re not at that stage yet, I’ve switched to a service called Ning. Ning seems to do all the things I wanted. It’s not strictly for dating sites, but who gives a damn? It can be used for “Social Networking”, which may or may not include shagging bloggers (hell, it was how me and Han got started).

So unfortunately a lot of people have to sign up again, but on the plus side, it’s weeded out the boring “John Chow linked to it so I’ll sign up” people who were as dull as dishwater. Horray!

The Ugly
To many obvious jokes to do for this, so I wont.

Anyway, I know this post is just rambling, so why not join in at the forums. I’m knackered from having a few beers in a post Champions League hangover, and there’s no football for me. Woe!

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