May 29th, 2008
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The Great Coin Jar Competition 2008


Hello! As you read this, I’m probably somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, watching James Bond and tucking into my compliamentary peanuts, and desperately trying to flirt with one of the flight attendants for a bit of mile high loving. Speaking of loving, I’m running a competition after the success of last years “Coin Jar Competition”. So, here’s this years competition called, err, Coin Jar Competition 2008!

What’s the Prize?
The prize is only a small, but well worth winning. Two people will win a month long advertisment placement on You will be in the sidebar on the right hand side on all pages, and generally recieve the glowing warmth from all the readers.

What Do You Have To Do?
Simple really, all you have to do is guess how much money is in my coin jar to the nearest 5p. To enter, simply place your answer in this thread on Shagablogger. No Answers on this post will be accepted! There is good reason for this, as keyword scammers did kind of spoil the previous competition (god, they’re so desperate for links :(). Plus you may like it.

The Coin Jar
Have a look at the money in the coin jar in the photo below. It is mainly 50p’s, 20p’s, 10p’s and 5p’s. 100p = £1. Here’s some good photos of the British coins. Hopefully you’ll be able to generate some sort of amount from it :).

Got a figure in your head? Well remember to put your answer in this thread. Good luck!

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