June 27th, 2008
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A Few Questions I Want Answering


This is going to be a cheap and easy way to write a post, as I’m a bit delicate today. I’ve got a bunch of questions that need answering.

A bunch of my favourite blogs are known as “(title unknown)” in google reader, can I give them a custom name?

How can I view all unread mail in Google Mail?

What are those wierd square characters you see in Firefox all about?

Any tips on building a Forum

Where is Zealand?

Why is it when you predict something it’s known as “telegraphing”?

What is the best way to wash shin pads?

Would you be up for a Mario Kart Wii tournament online? Organised through something like Retro Garden?

I can’t lie, it’s been tough blogging this week. Hope you haven’t missed my awesomeness too much this week. Hopefully I will improve with the weekend. See you monday!

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