June 18th, 2008
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Are Things Really That Bad?


Seemingly every conversation I am having at the moment with people generally revolves around the recession that we seem to be heading into. A number of people I am friends with seem to talk about nothing else. Unsurprisingly these are the ones with amazing TV’s, all sorts of gadgets, and rather large credit card bills.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stand here and stick my head in the sand, I will admit this:-

  • Basic things are more expensive than they used to be.
  • My money now travels a lot less than it used to.
  • There are times where I think a lot of the government really want to lose the next election, and at times seeing people drink outside the Imperial in Colwyn Bay at 11am does make me a little pissed off (though I refuse to do anything, they could be coming off a nightshift for all I know).

However, I don’t let things like that bother me. I just suck it up, get on with it, and smile. I still have my friends, I still have my health, and I still can have the odd beer now and again, so I’m not really too bothered.

I will say this, I am in a fortunate position though. I do live at home (and pay rent before you say anything), and I am working in an industry that’s growing (you don’t need fuel to write a website), and furthermore things in the company I work for seem to be going pretty well (I know two things: we’ve employed more people than any time since I’ve been there, and we have had more work than any time since I’ve been there). I have been accused of sticking my head in the sand though, and being on a buffer. With that said I am now testing that buffer soon.

I am moving out.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but the ultimate goal is hopefully by the end of this year move out.  I have thought about the Llandudno/Craig-y-Don area of North Wales, as I am very settled in my job, and I know a few people there (though not as many as I thought, one of my friends has left the area, and now lives a lot closer to me. Doh!).

Ideally I’d like to move before October – as I have a bet on with my brother that I would move out before then (I’ve already beaten him to the United States, may as well make it 2 from 2. If I don’t, oh well, it’s a night out in Leeds), but if I don’t I’m not too bothered. I have to get through my driving test first (which is taking a while), but I feel if I announce it on my blog, then it becomes a little more official than me saying I’d do it.

So, dear readers, are you worried about the recession? Or is the Euros/Big Brother/Twitter’s Downtime more distressing?

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