June 20th, 2008
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Catching Up With My Stuff


One bad thing about a broken computer is that I felt so frustrated. I was cut off from all my little web exploits. Now that I’m back up and running, I have been slaving away on websites to get them back up and running.

Retro Game Reviews and Features by Retro Garden
Retro Garden

I recieved a fair bit of good news with Retro Garden recently, with the site recieving decent pagerank and listings in the keywords targeted in google. All in all, the traffic has shot up, and people have been finding the site from all sorts of sources. Which is fine, but there hasn’t been much content in there recently. So I’ve tarted it up, posted a couple of articles on a few games, and got it going again, horrah!

One thing that people did request was a forum, so I stuck one up. Sure enough, there has been a lot of activity already in the forum, with a number of posts (excuse the english of some of them, a few times I stare at the forums and think “eh?”). So why not check it out and give your thoughts on it?

Click here for the Retro Garden Retro Gaming Forum


Shagablogger rather painfully suffered when I broke my mantra of “Never use beta software”. The software in question, whilst it pisses over Boonex Dolphin (the software it previously ran on) from such a great height, is still not perfect. Whilst I was in America, the beta monster reared it’s ugly head, and screwed up the layout. It’s still screwed, but I’m going to set aside a part of next week to fix it.

Firefox 3

The big geeky news of the week was that Firefox 3 was released. A lot has been said about it, and it has crashed once for me so far, but I really like it. It’s so handy being able to type a rough description of a website, and finding a URL (which is handy for forums), and the fact that the whole “Do you want to resend your logins” window is a lot easier for a numpty to understand (why has this not been done before)? I love it, download it now.

Finally, I’ve got a lovely weekend planned. I’m off to Caernarfon for a weekend of drunken debauchery. See you Monday!

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