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Its official, Emirates have announced use of mobile phones on some of their flights. Others to follow?

Anyone who has been on a long duration flight knows about the difficultly it can become if the passenger they are traveling next to is fidgeting and restless. Now the same fidgety people if given use of their mobiles can truly be the long – haul nightmare! We all have been subject to loud-mobile users at some point, it was brief mostly, or the longest been in a short journey. We all vowed not to talk so loudly on our phones the moment the journey ended.

A good suggestion for this can be only allow mobile phones to work in the business class/ first class section. The normal mobile phone signal towers are equipped to transmit for a few miles around it, suggestion here is provide a weak antenna, with a range of few inches. The antenna can be given to a passenger who can place his phone near the antenna and use their phone. For that matter airlines can have little soundproof booths utilizing the same concept so their phones would work no where else on the plane except in the booths. They could also charge people for using the booths! Good for everyone no?

Some planes had phones on board which people could use. That is enough as well no? If an important message needs to be conveyed to someone then any phone will do the job won’t it? For all these years the problem with allowing mobile phones was due to the electromagnetic radiation caused by the instrument. That problem now has been overcome by electromagnetic shields on sensitive equipment. So the result? Allow mobile phones? Why not allow wireless internet instead? Internet normally shuts people up. They can chat online with their friends need be…

I dread traveling next to a loud talkative passenger, I like my peace. Maybe instead of voice use airlines could allow only text messages? But even that with people constantly receiving text messages the whole plane will either be vibrating or going beep – beep – beep – beep.

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