I’ve got a new favourite song, which surprisingly happens to be the current #1 hit single.

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I love this song, and have listened to it constantly. One thing I also like is kareoke, however I try and avoid it as the songs I like and sing are usually rather depressing (Radiohead, The Verve and the like). Mix that with the fact that I’m not a great singer means people do kill themselves when I try to sing.

However, this song’s great for me, it ticks all the boxes for a good kareoke song – it’s upbeat, it’s breezy, it (will be) a recognisable tune. Plus it also is indie rock so I don’t have to lower myself to embarassing boyband/talent tv songs that most people sing.

So all in all, if you are ever with me in a kareoke bar, I will be singing this.

What is your kareoke song?

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