June 16th, 2008
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Happy Fathers Day For Yesterday!


First of all, and I know my Dad probably doesn’t have a clue that it was father’s day yesterday, and if he’s anything like my Mum with Mothers Day pandering to the commercial holiday such as Fathers Day would end up with him hating me. Nevertheless, I love you Dad.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dandiemer

Righty ho, anybody else think that this years father’s day seems just a lot bigger than previous years? I’m not exactly sure, but yesterday’s shenanigans just seemed to be a lot more than previous years. It’s not as big as the commercial mushfest that is mothers day, but this years fathers day seems a lot more prominent in society this year.

It could be because I spent the beginning of the father’s day in America, and as such experienced how they do holidays. No disrespect to my American readers, but you guys go crazy. The way in which you take a holiday like halloween and run with it, is both beautiful and a little scary.

But, even arriving back from America, I saw more and more things advertising Fathers Day in this country than any year before. In fact, many years father’s day just passed me by, now it seems to have penetrated our society.

Oh great.

Am I just being stupid though? Are you spotting more and more father’s day stuff this year? What do you blame for it if so?

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