June 9th, 2008
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I’m Back!


Thanks to all the wonderful guestposters last week for helping me out, you guys are all awesome!

Yes, I’m back in the UK after what was an incredible week and a bit in New York and Boston (though I much preferred New York to Boston, but that’s just me). There’s so much to talk about, so many cool things happened in eight short days that it’s impossible to cover it all in one small blog post (which is written by a very jet lagged yours truly). So later on this week I’ll give a full day-by-day account of what I got upto. Here are the highlights though.

Being So Close To Times Square – One thing I loved with my stay in New York was the hostel’s central location in Manhattan’s “Hell’s Kitchen” meant that I was two blocks from Times Square. The hostel was so great as well because it was tiny – at most, they let in 20-30 people. So there was a real sense of community, something I didn’t get with my hostel in Boston. As such, if I was stuck for something to do, I regularly just walked to Times Square, where there was always something on (one day they covered it in Grass, the other they had a little concert). If you ever get the chance to see Times Square at 5am in the morning, do so, that’s really cool.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game - I’ve got a new love: baseball. I think it panders to my “get pissed when there’s little scoring” mentality that I love in sport. I went to watch the New York Mets play the LA Dodgers, and since then, I have been following baseball (specifically the Mets) with a vested armchair interest. Something about sharing the game with a bunch of Americans was quite special, plus I got drunk and ate a lot of food.

The Food – I come back to you probably about 8 stone heavier with all the food I’ve eaten. Seriously, it’s lovely: Little Italy Pizza, Pretzels, Cold Store Creamery Ice Cream, Burgers, Buffalo Wings and Pastrami Sandwiches from Katz’s Deli were all fabulous, but the best food I ate was in Quincy Market, Boston. The smell walking into the building was incredible, and lobster for $6 was well worth me going (the rest of the city was a bit ‘meh’ to be honest). No wonder Americans are so fat…

The People - Which, surprisingly, they’re not that big. Okay, some people are huge, and if I’m to be brutally general on the whole they’re a bit bigger, but the mass of blubber walking through New York didn’t materialise. On the whole, you were surprisingly trim. Maybe Morgan Spurlock had the same effect on you as he did on me. Furthermore, you’re all so polite, friendly (I have no idea how many beers I was bought, but it was a lot), and actually a lot more intelligent than I gave you credit for (I usually said I was in England to begin with, when asked whereabouts they’d say Wales. Usually they corrected me with “That’s not in England!”, I stopped doing that in the end). I know the US has a lot of problems, as does the UK, but I feel that if the average UK man on the street treated people – men, women and children – the same as I was treated by the New Yorkers, it’d solve a lot of problems.

There really is so much for me to go through, seriously. However, I’m experiencing the wonder of jet lag, and so much for me to do (an ebay parcel, regoranise dentist appointments, restart driving lessons, full time job and fixing my computer amongst other things), means this entry may be a bit short. But I’m back, and I’ll get back into the swing of things shortly. Ta ra!

Finally, a question which everybody has asked me recently is “Where next?”. Well, I think my Long Haul excursions are done for the year (not that I’m complaining, my first experience of it was fine, thank you British Airways), but I’ve only takena week holiday from work. I’m thinking it’ll either be Ireland, Sweden or Barcalona. I’ve been told that Stockholm is beautiful, especially in the late summer, so I think that may be next. Your thoughts?

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