June 12th, 2008
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I’m growing to love Plurk.

Plurk is one of those things that was launched whilst I was gallivanting off around America, which – as rightly pointed out – the blogosphere is pleasuring themselves over.

Turns out there’s good reason. It’s twitter with knobs on.

It’s another one of those social networky thingies (one which I beleive I beat Han to as well), but I’m getting rather addicted to it.

If you know twitter, it’s the same as that – 140 character messaging – but people can reply directly to plurks, as well as post links, pictures and videos make it rather good.

It needs a few things added to it (it can be tricky to follow conversations, and I’d love text messaging support), but I’ve been addicted to it the past few days.

Is anybody on Plurk? Or do you feel there’s far too many web 2.0 startups?

My Plurk account is here. The fact this blog post is shit at the moment shows how much time I’ve spent on it.

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