So, the launch of Shagablogger went well, if not spectacular. However, one thing that was rather amusing about the post was seeing comment spammers trying to formulate a comment that would promote their blog, but still seeming relevant to my post. It’s a fine balancing act, one which all of them failed.

You see, faceless spammers are exactly that, faceless. Even when they’re promoting their blog, they make it as faceless as possible, and therein why they are not successful. Blogging is not about being faceless, it’s about being open, or open up certain aspects of your character. Take Problogger for example. Sure it’s useful, but Darren had a kid last week, and if I was rich enough to buy advertising for something, I would through Darren, not because it’s a great blog, but because I’d get a warm and fuzzy feeling that some of the money would help his newborn.

Anyway back on topic, and I hate Fern for this, but she mentioned Gravatars in a comment on my launch post. All of a sudden, the comment spammers had an opening (they search for technologies in comments, I should know, I’ve got a copy of the tool they use), and flowed through that opening like a water through a cored hole in the hoover dam. “Gravatar” This and “Gravatar” That. All totally irrelevant.

Except for one.

One such comment – and I love him for this – is from a blog called “Make Money Online“, his comment said this:-

“What an awesome blog! I have subscribed to it. I love the idea of Shagablogger too! I will blog about it at my blog, which teaches you to Make Money Online”

That was linked as well. Something I hate in blog comments, unless you are actually linking to a relevant post or something, then it’s understandable. But linking to the same thing twice with the same keywords? Dumb.

So, Mr Make Money Online. Were you actually going to blog about, or were you pandering to my ego?

I’m sure he won’t read this…wait…yes you will! You’re a subscriber! Silly me! And I know which blog it is, as I’ve subscribed to it, and will check up this week for any posts.

Anyway, this is my offer. If you blog about I’ll allow your comments.

Somehow, I feel he won’t.

Have you called out bloggers before? Was it successful?

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