June 17th, 2008
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The Beast Is Back


All in all, I had a quiet weekend with lots of sleep, I used a lot of my time fully getting over jet lag, and I think I finally, am, horray.

There was two highlights to my weekend. Actually three. The first is see Wales not do so bad against South Africa. The score was flattering for the Springboks.

The second was I got a haircut. No pics so assumed it did happen.

The third was plugging in this bad boy.

Oh yes, after my last machine gloriously exploded in a mist of Electrical Stupendor, this has become it’s official replacement. It was kind of hard consigning my last computer to the scrap heap, as it saw me through university, and if only it could talk, the Rhys history lesson it could give would rival any of my blogs.

But that’s the past and this is now. Seriously, it’s so fast, the shit doesn’t even go on the shovel to fly off it. Couple that using the most stable operating you can use without having to go without deodorant or being an arrogant twat Windows XP, meaning that it’s more comfortable with resources than MS-DOS is on Deep Blue.

However, the only issues was my two IDE hard drives that I have, I managed to put one of them in (with a little bit of coaxing, seriously you can tell I didn’t build this computer, it’s so neat inside).

Yes, one of them I have successfully put in – the more important one, with all my sites, games and pornographic videos. The other one, a 40GB one, I has a few bits and pieces I’d like to get off it. Is there a way of connecting an old style IDE disk to either a SATA slot or a USB slot?

For those of you who have no clue what I said, kittens or bunnies?

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