Hi everybody! I’m back from Caernarfon after an ace weekend. I’m a little worse for wear, and have been spending most of my free time pushing Retro Garden’s new Retro Gaming Forum (join, or be a little poofy), so as such I have had nothing to post.

So enjoy this video, this is from the weekend, and how I remained relatively sober and sans-hangover until the very end of my trip to Caernarfon (something I failed at horrendously miserably last year).

Warning, this contains me saying a naughty word!

YouTube Preview Image

Clever eh?

Finally, a little question for you all.

Men know that in most urinials around the world, there are condom machines (are they in womens?). Usually, if there is a picture, it’s some stock imagery of a man and a woman in a passionate embrace for getting down to gerrin it orn. Anyway, in one such machine in Caernarfon, I was a little confused.

Is that two women on the machine? Why would two women need a condom?

Better post tomorrow, I promise.

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