June 24th, 2008
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Twitter Twatted


A few months ago, I waxed lyrical on the beauties of Twitter. It has been rather cool, and I did spend a lot of time in it.

But not any more.

You see, I’ve switched to Plurk and never looked back, Twitter – whilst I still occasionally update – doesn’t get the level, depth and back and forthness of his Plurk account. So why is this? Three reasons particularly.

The Downtime
You can try and connect at certain times and you can’t. The thing is people thought “oh yes, America have woken up and logged in”, but it happens at random times, like 11am in the morning. And the downtime is for a few minutes to an hour. How can a company with x millon amount of US Dollar funding cannot afford decent servers?

A-Listers/Marketers Furiously Wanking Each Other Off
Probably worse than that is the fact that my Twitter feed contains a large number of a-listers. I added one or two because I actually like them and they’ve spoken to me and I have spoken to them. When the Twitter goldrush began and everybody began using it, a number of high profile bloggers did add me. I – to coin a phrase – was pretty fucking chuffed.

But it later got to the point that all they contained were requests to Digg/Stumble articles, links to services they are promoting, and generally marketing themselves. I can’t count how many posts I have read offering tips to marketing themselves on the posts. Whilst I don’t deny the power of twitter, you are all repeating yourself, and trust me, I rarely click links on Twitter.

Slight tangent – I am a little guilty of it (all my blog posts get twittered and I was promoting the Retro Garden Forum quite hard), but at times my twitter page is smattering with links, links and more links. It should be about being as creative as possible within 140 characters.

I’ve Become a Pretentious Arse
I think I’ve become the technological web 2.0 equivalent of the NME, than whenever something achieves mainstream success, I don’t like it. Twitter has had BBC articles, TV coverage and all manner of press critic people lauding over the service. And as such I get jealous as it’s no longer a geeky thing. I feel like it’s no longer “cool” to like twitter, so if there was a Top Gear esque Cool Wall for web 2.0 services, Twitter would be now seriously uncool.

So yes, my thoughts on Twitter now – I still use it, I’ll still post a few things here and there, but if you want me, I’m on Plurk.

So are you a Twitterer or a Plurker?

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