Whoops! I’m afraid I haven’t got time for a post today. Three reasons really:

  • Promoting the Retro Garden Forum, which is going well (you should join by the way), is taking up a lot of time. Having a lot of fun as well through it too!
  • Tonight I’m heading out for a Colwyn Bay fans forum, to generally get some idea on what’s happening with the club. We’ve got a new manager, a few old faces have come back, and I’m generally happy to see people I haven’t seen for ages.
  • It’s too ruddy hot! I’d rather sit outside.

So this is not a completely useless post, check out this great program – Retailmenot for Firefox – It’ll give you coupons for any shopping website that has them. Good thing for the credit crunch, and your need to buy Wii stuff :).

Will be back tomorrow when I have some time.

What do you do when you are too busy to post?

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