June 4th, 2008
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When I learnt to drive


Today’s guest post? Well, what can I say about the author that hasn’t been said a million times before, usually by herself? Han’s writing today to you wonderful people, so you are in for a treat. She’s focussing on my driving lessons.


Seeing as Rhys is learning to drive (and I assume he still is when this is posted – otherwise congratulations!) I thought I’d share with the audience some stories of my own time learning to drive.

Unfortunately I don’t have any ‘exciting’ stories until a number of lessons in. I started learning on a simulator before I turned seventeen – which as it turns out was pretty handy, I got my moneys worth in my first lesson; two hours driving round the same route.

The first mishap occurs the first time I had to do a right turn. I have a bit of trouble telling my right from my left – its a basic concept I know but still, I struggle with it. As a result of this every time I turn a corner I have to say ‘left hand side left hand side’ to remind myself which side of the road I should end up on. As you can probably tell I didn’t end up on the left hand side of the road.

The second involves more stupidity on my behalf. I don’t think I’m doing too well on bigging up my intelligence in this post. The first time I left the safety of my town to head into more dangerous territory (Staines!) I was forced to stop at traffic lights. At this point I thought it’d be a great idea to adjust my seat. I have short legs and was straining to reach the clutch. Thing is although I had the hand brake on I didn’t take the car out of gear and my foot was still on the clutch when I released the chair and went flying backwards! My instructor wasn’t pleased! (neither were the people behind me as the light had just turned green)

Still at least a day after my test I didn’t reverse into a brand new BMW 5 series. My friend nearly wrote it off! What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done on the roads while behind the wheel of a car?

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