June 2nd, 2008
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Working Sucks


And we kick off guestposting week here at the Gospel! Hope you are all okay. This guestpost, written by Bush Mackel, was meant to be posted before my trip to Latvia. However, time constraints meant I didn’t see it until I got back. Such is the Baltic’s dodgy connections to the internet. Nevermind. It’s still relevant so sorry Bush for the late delivery, and enjoy!


“What’s this, what’s this? A trick with a twist?” Sorry to dissapoint you kids, but it’s Bush Mackel stepping in for Rhys today. I’m actually writing this the day BEFORE I’m supposed to guest post because it’s a lock I’d forget to write something if I waited for tomorrow. (Oh wait – it might already be tomorrow THERE, anyway…) I’m actually supposed to be in bed right now, but I’m just dreading going to work tomorrow – ‘Cause working sucks.

I actually recently switched jobs and the difference between the two is like night and day. My previous job had me driving 30 minutes to work, basically staying 10-4ish (if I wasn’t working on any big project) with an hour and a half lunch break in between. NOW, I’m working a job where the core hours are 10-5, lunch isn’t included, and you HAVE to work 8 hours everyday. PLUS you’re expected to work 43 hour work weeks so you can do the math there. Oh yeah, and we’re talking 45 minute stop and go traffic.


I swear. If you have a “real job”, I don’t know how any of you do it. Everyday by about 11AM I’m wondering how in the hell I’m going to make it quitting time. And everyday when I finally make it home, I find that I have just enough to time to check my mail before I have to go to bed… So that I can go to work the next day.

Anyone out there in blogland have any tips to get me through this Hell? Personally, my solution would be to quit but the wife would undoubtedly get MIGHTY bitter.

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