Last week in the North Wales Weekly News – our local rag – there was an article on blogging. The article looked at a couple of copper blogs (which seem to be popular in the North Wales Area), a couple of political bloggers, and Thoughts of Oscar.

Anyway, I was inspired – as a six year blogger – to respond, and sure enough, they printed it:-

Notice the fact the URL’s for this blog and Retro Garden are printed. The original article didn’t even print the URL’s of the bloggers they featured! I consider that a success.

Wordcamp UK North
Are you from the North? Or like the North? Are you a bit of a geek and fancy a weekend in a major city having drinks and laughs with bloggers. Wordcamp North took it’s first tentative steps towards being launched, with a few bloggers already saying they would attend pending getting hit by a bus. I’m also umming and ahhing it as well, but will probably go.

So, if you fancy meeting North Wales Weekly News featured blogger, errr…me, and a few other people have tentatively put their names to the list (such as Jamie, Chris and Jon). So why not come, if you’re bored, it’ll be fun!

My First Programme!
Tomorrow my first programme comes out tomorrow, in the Colwyn Bay vs. Wrexham game, and I’ve been a bundle of nerves the past week. Will people like it? Or won’t they? Only time will tell!

All I can say is that if you attend the game tomorrow at Llanelian Road, buy the programme, and let us know what you think.

Post Revisions Rule!
Finally, for those of you who haven’t upgraded to the latest WordPress, do. The Wikipedia esque “Post Revisions” feature is ace, allowing you to return to previous iterations of posts. It saved my arse on this post, after I accidentally deleted half the post. Whoops!

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

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