July 3rd, 2008
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Lets talk about SEO


I am quite forgetful (more on that tomorrow), and generally a little clumsy. That’s why I’m good at IT related projects where you can undo anything and everything. Unfortunately, by career as a brain surgeon was cut short when I found out Ctrl+Z doesn’t work.

I’m also a creature of habit. My days are generally pretty well planned at least one failed future Mrs. Wynne dumped me for lack of spontinaity. I’m sorry, but the guy who comes from work, rips your clothes off and gives you twelve hours of mad loving is also the same guy who comes home from work and slits your throat in a moment of spontineity.


As a creature of habit, one such is through typing. One thing is that I can basically zone out, not think about typing, and end up with a pretty legible article. However, I always have to spellcheck.

Take my work. Often I have to write tourism articles for content, usually for local areas. One such area is Rhyl. Quite frankly, I’m not paid enough to paint Rhyl in a positive light, but I do my best. However, I always type “Rhys” instead of “Rhyl”, which leads to amusing sentances such as “Rhys is a good way to spend the day”. Which is actually more true than if I typed Rhyl.

When I started blogging, I got more and more into blog, so that now I type words such as blocks or blonde, I usually type in blog. It’s a force of habit.

But it gets worse.

Yesterday, I was typing out a form. I typed in sex (as in gender, filthy pigs), and typed SEO.

I seriously need a girlfriend.

Do you type things out automagically like me?

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