July 18th, 2008
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Mario Kart Wii Tournament Anybody?


Anybody fancy a Mario Kart Tournament?

I have a number of bloggers on my Mario Kart friend list. A number of my friends are also on there. You can have private rooms with tournament plays and the chance to play multiple races. Wouldn’t it be ace if we all got together and had a few races.

So what do we say to a little bit of Mario Kart Wii action, 8pm (GMT) on Wednesday?

It will be for about an hour or so, an you’ll be free to come and go as you please. Just remember, we’ll make it fun, enjoyable and if it’s a success, we’ll do it more often.

So are you up for it? Below, write your Wii Friend Code if you want to take part. Mine is 3265-5199-9835, and may email you all individually to set it up.

As far as my life goes, there’s two rather interesting developments which are taking me away from blogging, will keep you informed at a later date though!

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