July 8th, 2008
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Sell Out, With Me Oh Yeah


Being a hugely successful blogger, I’m usually asked to hawk things on my blog. I’ll be honest, I’m usually open to what people have to say, and what people have to offer in return. Generally, I vet them, and don’t offer posts on anything. Usually things that would probably interest you lot like games or technology pieces of kit. Hell, I usually review things anyway, so it’s nice to get it to test for free.

However, I do vet them, so unlike pay per post, you won’t see me review bridal headgears or things like that. I often get strange requests to review stuff. Here’s the top 3 in reverse order.

3. Didn’t I have a Rubbish Day The Day I Went To…
A while ago, I went to a theme park and blogged about it here, and it was a fun day, really enjoyed it. Furthermore, it did well in the rankings and placed somewhere around Google page 3 for keywords relating to that theme park.

Anyway, a theme park in a similar area e-mailed me to say if I wanted to go back again, provided I did a review, and said what a terrible time I had. I didn’t take them up on the offer. For one, it’s miles away. Secondly, it’s deceitful. And thirdly, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, is there?

2. Car Insurance
There’s number of posts on this blog the past few weeks about my attempts to drive. With good reason, as I have been.

Anyway, an insurance company came upto me and wanted for me to get insured on a car through their company, and give a review on their insurance.

Again, three things struck me. The first is that they’d already assumed I passed my test, which was odd, as they linked to a post posted that day, about how I was struggling. The second was there was no clue on how to get hold of this company. Thirdly, how can you review car insurance? My only thought is crashing and seeing how well you are covered. I’m sorry, but I’m not Evel Knievel.

1. Blue Willy Pills
This was the worst one, by far! A company said they would send me a free sample of a “product”, with a link to a website. The website went into detail of what the review would entail, as it’d be quite detailed. SEO’d links, positive review, and before and after shots. They’d also be after a second opinion.

I had to scroll down to see the product. And…it was staring me in the face…not the product (well, the product name in big black letters), but what the product does.

So, in effect, I had to give my address to a dodgy pill hawker, get these things, find a girl (I was single at the time), who blogs, take a photo of my dongle before hand, eat these pills, don’t die, take a photo of my dongle after, have sex, and write about it. All to you, and all for a box of these pills.

Needless to say, I declined.

What have you been asked to sell through your blog?

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