I’ve had a pretty busy weekend this weekend.

Friday was the glorious of all glories in this world – the start of the Football Season 2008/2009. Admittedly, it was only a friendly (hence no mention of the result), but for the past two years you notice things in non league friendlies that don’t happen in regular matches.

No Team Named - Usually, these games are teaming with scouts from other clubs, ready to snap up any players that look good. Colwyn Bay are the worst for this, as not only do we have the English leagues, but also the League of Wales are after our talent. As a result, there’s no team sheet published, not information put anywhere and no teams are announced. News does filter around, but it’s all a bit hush hush. We do our bit, by shouting random names (usually the names of fans). It probably doesn’t fool anybody, but the thought of a club like Rhyl ringing up Colwyn Bay FC making an offer for Rhys Wynne would be amusing.

People Being Sent Off, but no Red Card -The team we were playing on Friday – TNS – are flying to Lithuania to play in the UEFA cup I believe. Considering it was a friendly, TNS did play quite rough, and one of their players were sent off.

However, he wasn’t red carded.

If he had have been red carded, then he’d have missed the trip to Lithuania, as he’d have been suspended. So whilst he left that pitch, leaving TNS with 10 men, he won’t miss any play time. I think that’s rather nice.

Those are two things that amuse me. I’m a bit hungover from Saturday, and I did look dapper in Llandudno (Thanks to Whoopdedoo, Bladeofgrass and Doctorvee for picking this Black and Burgandy Ensamble). Henceforth this rather rubbish football post, sorry!

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