July 30th, 2008
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Too Cuil for Scuil


So, with Google pissing off a large number of people with the introduction of Knol, the blogosphere are busy beating themselves off over a new Google Killer – Cuil. Unlike a number of Google Killers­™, this one has two things that set it out:-

  • It’s got an article on BBC.
  • It’s made up of former Google Employees.

So it seems to be well equipped with the staff, but I have done a few searches and here’s what I found:-

So, those are a few things, some (such as Wii, Google & BBC) did return good results, but not everybody is searching for the big things. On the contrary – people are more likely to search for things they’re not sure about (the biggest referrer to this blog from google is “The Gospel According To Rhys” with 1000 people each week!), so for them not to get the most relevant site in those area is a bit lacking.

The other thing is that it’s very slow. They need to sort that out, and change the design.

So Cuil, nice try, but not quite there. What do you think?

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