Hi everybody! This is the first time in two months I have done this, as I was in New York this time last year. Yeah, I’m feeling gutted about it too. Nevertheless, here’s my sponsors for this month, thank you! Find out how to advertise here.

Of course, more importantly are the readers. Here’s the top 10 for this month.

Thanks guys, and I also got something rather interesting too!

Han sent me a postcard from her trip in Florida.  Now as well as confirming she has no idea on what’s cute (she thinks the crocodile on the front is gorgeous. Who is she? Steve Irwin?), she also went on a bit. So much so that they (either being her parents or the US Postal Office) stuck the stamp over some of the words!

Numpty! But thanks for it! :)

Question of the day, just what tales and titbits are hidden behind the stamp?

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