August 4th, 2008
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Ebay, Performancing Ads & The Weekend


Hello pop pickers! Here’s some thoughts and highlights from my weekend.

Making History!
It’s incredible just how popular our first programme for Colwyn Bay vs. Wrexham. The original programmes sold out, so they have printed another fifty, which were sold alongside our programme for the Hednesford game, which I believe sold out again. Now, at first I thought “Wehey! we’re loved by all!”, but in actaul fact it’s simply because it was the first programme ever with Wrexham outside of the football league. Oh well. Still, it was quite fascinating having the programme go on Ebay for £6.50.

Performancing Ads Offer
I’m looking to buy ads on other people’s blogs at the moment for Retro Garden, and thinking about using PerformancingAds. So, if you sign up by clicking on this link and then contacting me when the site is live with your URL, I will be your first advertiser (I’m willing to spend around $20 a month a blog, so that’s $5 a week on PerformancingAds).

Marching On This Week!
I’m not sure whether this week will be a quiet week or a busy week. I’ve got some exciting news that will wait for Wednesday, but this week will be football, driving and a trip to the cricket next weekend. We do it every year, and it’s ace.

Though anybody who followed my plurk will know I’ve been incredibly sore this week. My muscles ache so much, oh well, no pain no gain as they say!

How About You?
How was your weekend?

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