August 13th, 2008
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Kredit Krunch


The Credit Crunch! I’m sick of it, and people talking about it. I’ve talked before about it, and since then yes it’s beginning to effect me.

Firstly, I can’t afford eating lunch out every day, and have begun bringing a packed lunch. I buy my packed lunch from the local supermarket, and I actually prefer it, it costs less and I can have awesome food. For example, today’s packed lunch consists of sandwiches, crisps and Babybel! How cool are they? Couldn’t get Babybel before!

Secondly, I’ve really cut down on my drinking. Last weekend aside I probably drink once, maybe twice a week, and usually I combine it with something else (usually football). Actually going out and getting smashed is pointless, as I can’t afford it. Furthermore, I have found a rather fun new hobby that a number of people would laugh at (so I’m not sharing it here…yet! A few people know though!), and I do that on a Friday.

Finally, and this is the most important is Kit Kats.

Let me explain. Kit Kats are the acest thing to stick in your tea, fact. As such, I’m a fan of both the traditional four fingered variety and the larger chunky variety. Now, in a kit kat is wafer, and wafer is made out of wheat. The Chunky variety of kit kat have always been more expensive, but since the price of wheat has gone up, the chunky version has first gone the same price:-

And then got cheaper:-

Yes, it was two different shops (Superdrug and Morrissons), but the fact still remains, that Chunkies are now more expensive than regular kit kats. Is it the price of wafer has gone up? Or something more sinister? Is Colwyn Bay an anomoly, I’d love a survey of kit kat prices, send me your pics if so, so I can map out the area. I may even do a fancy google map!

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