It’s no lie I make a little bit of money through this blog, it’s not a huge amount, but it does pay for my beer money. Admittedly I don’t go the way of most and some ways are – whilst ethical – not entirely Google friendly. However, surprisingly, there’s a lot of companies out there who will give you a small, yet decent amount of money just for a few. One such service is the new PerformancingAds.

Run by a the huge blogging network Performancing, PerformancingAds (ooh, I wonder where they get their name?) allows bloggers to sell 125 x 125 ads.

1. Whack up the price (slightly).
The main beauty is the fact there’s advertisers, but the problem is that PerformancingAds has a 50% commission rate. Per ad, that means you get $2.50 if you leave it how it is. I’ve found that a blog of my size you can get a filled ad for $7.50, which gives you $3.75 a week per ad. This gives you $15 per ad a month, which is not too bad.

2. Switch on No Follow.
The main thing that advertisers are seemingly after is banner space, as opposed to search engine ranking. So, if you switch on No Follow on the ads, then Google can’t whinge at you. They probably will still, but you’re in the right.

3. Get in Early!
There’s not that many people on there at the moment, which is great, as ones who are there get first dibs on the adverts. I sold out my complete inventory – 3 slots – within 24 hours.

4. Offer Discounts.
Once you have an advertiser, why not contact them directly for advertising on your blog at a reduced rate? It won’t cost you, as you’re cutting PerformancingAds out of the loop. So instead of getting 50% of $7.50 a week you’re getting 100% of $5 a week. Clever eh? Furthermore, to kick them when they’re down, you can actually use PerformancingAds’s system to host the ads! How crazy is that?!?

5. Use The Traffic Exchange
They have this really cool traffic exchange programme: the more ads you display on your blog, the more get shown on others. I’m not sure the exact ratio (they don’t say), but it’s worth a shot. However, if you are sneaky, you can use another thing you’re promoting instead of your blog. I’m pushing Matched, for example. Sneaky eh?

So, in any rate, I am trying this out – or else I wouldn’t post about it – and have been happy with how it’s gone so far. If you’re a big fat adwhore,  and want to expose yourself to more people who will throw money at you like the bitch you are, you can do a lot worse than this.

I’ve got exciting news for next week, I’ll keep you informed though!

Click here to sign up to PerformancingAds

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