August 15th, 2008
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Slow News Day?


Remember when I talked about our first programme being sold for £6.50 on ebay? It’s only gone and made front page of the local rag!

Yes, beating the stories of a 13 foot 4 inch sunflower, Malaysians visiting Conwy Castle, and the introduction of pay as you go toilets in the Bay is our programme is our little old programme. Who says nothing happens in North Wales. We even made page 3 with a decent writeup!

All things considered, it’s rather, nay, immensely cool. Never created anything which could be classed as historic before. So thanks Pioneer! Was a rather fun lunch break.

Which gets me worried our first official programme tomorrow. It’s more of my responsibility this one, and I’ve basically gone for an Olympic, Innuendo style. It’s either will sail into a family fun read, or will die. Wish me luck!

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