August 6th, 2008
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Sweden Bound


I’m off again on my travels! This time it’s not quite as far as my American Adventure, nor as epic as my Hard ‘n’ Fast Contiki European Tour, but it is a credit crunch beating holiday North, to Stockholm!

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and next of my travels. I decided to go to Sweden, as it was a toss up between there, Ireland and Barcelona, and something about discussing it with a Swedish holiday friend of mine in Times Square convinced me to go for it.

Needless to say, I am excited, though it took me forever to book, as Ryanair’s website is not exactly the most friendliest. It’s also the first time I feel I’ll become a proper traveller, as I’m doing it on a shoestring. The hostel swayed me with free pasta and breakfast, and my flight lands in Stockholm on Friday night at ten to midnight, in an airport 55 miles away from Stockholm, which is roughly the distance from Colwyn Bay to Liverpool.

Ouch, yes. But it’s cheap, hence why I’m going.

I really should start a travelblog, shouldn’t I? Would you read it? Especially if I had a forum like I do for Retro Garden?

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