August 22nd, 2008
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The Bank Holiday Weekend Upcometh


Right, there’ll be no post on Monday, largely due to the fact it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. I’ll be honest, I am feeling a bit run down and exhausted with things at the moment, as I feel I’ve been going non stop since coming back from New York, and everything has been frustrating me lately. I’ve been trying to get things to work, and everything seems to not be working, and it’s getting me down. It’s like with everything – I’ve put so much effort into things

Furthermore, it’s hurting me immensely to use a computer. I play football every monday and am pretty good in goal. I did a point blank save on Monday and in the process my hand bent back, hurting the top part of my hand (kinda opposite to the palm, whatever that bit is called). Since then, I haven’t really been doing anything to heal it, and it’s beginning to get really sore. If it continues after the weekend, I’ll go and see a doctor about it.

With that said, I’m having a weekend away from the computer. I just can’t be bothered sitting in front of it. On Saturday I’m heading up to Durham on a coach to watch Colwyn Bay FC play, and probably try and sort out a few bits and bobs for the Sunday and Monday. All I know is I need the day off. See you Wednesday!

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