August 27th, 2008
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The Best Olympics Ever


Creative Commons License photo credit: koka_sexton

Two weeks ago, I was sat in a bar in Llandudno with a few friends. “Why should the Olympics be in China?” my mate said, “It’s a dictatorship, horrible country, and the smog will lead to a rubbish olympics which won’t showcase the talents of the best athletes in the world.”. I agree with him.

We were thankfully wrong.

The games, which ended on Sunday, were probably the greatest games I can certainly remember, there had been action, there has been drama, there has been people really pushing the envelope. So, without further a do, here’s my moments from the games.

Usain Bolt – A superstar is born, that is just so much better than everybody else, and knows it, that he shook the world. Three Golds, three world records, there is nobody better in the world right now, and has managed to get people who weren’t interested in athletics (which includes myself) to look at that and go “wow”.

Chris Hoy - The man with the scariest thighs in the world. He’s won three gold medals himself in the Olympics for Britain, which is even more remarkable that his favourite event (the 1 kilometre) was withdrawn from the Olympics.

Michael Phelps – Eight gold medals in one games is incredible. Plus – with 14 gold medals – he has won more gold medals than Mexico.

Rebecca Adlington - My dad’s favourite, purely because she’s come from nowhere on no money to get success, with no money, but she’s won her events with huge margins, smashing records that have stood for years. She’ll surely be a superstar.

Rebecca Romero - Chris Hoy was special, but Romero was incredible. For one she picked up a gold for the cycling. This is from Athens where she won Silver. One better yes, but she won silver in the rowing, and had never been on a velodrome until two years ago.

Victoria Pendleton - A true fittie of the Olympics.

Oof you would.

Ben Dirs - For those of you who follow the cricket in work, this guy will come as no surprise. Ben Dirs is one of the commentators on BBC’s text service, who just seems to come up with some of the funniest lines ever, such as “Get your hard hats on, it’s raining medals!”, his astute observations on what was happening in Beijing meant it was often better to read than watching the streams.

The BBC’s Coverage - On the whole, was awesome.

Quote Of the Game - “Getting one Silver is a triumph, getting three is a tragedy”. Sir Steve Redgrave sums up the feeling of the women’s coxless four team, who have won 3 silvers on the bounce at the Olympics.

Aussie Baiting - Yes, probably the coolest thing about the games was the fact we beat our Colonial Inferiors, we beat the Germans, and up until the last week we were beating the Russians. So a lot of Aussie Bashing has been taking place. And it felt good.

I’m really going to miss the Olympics, and will try and find some wierd sport to watch with intense interest for London in 2012. All I can say though these last two weeks have made me proud to be British (yes, British, though big ups to all the Welshies winning medals), and to the IOC – please don’t do like we did for the Ashes or the Rugby World Cup – do not fuck this up.

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