August 8th, 2008
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The GATR Guide To The Olympics


In Controversial China, roundabout now when you’re reading this, the Olympic Games kick off in earnest. For the next four weeks all eyes will be on China to see if they can keep the Tibetan people opressed, and can have a lot of success. Also, as a Brit, it’d be interesting to see if we can actually pick up some gold medals to replace the UK’s gold reserve that Gordon Brown sold off

If you are actually going to the Olympics, be warned: you cannot read this blog – probably due to opening paragraphs like that above. However, before you go, and you may not have any interest in any sport. So what should you go and see? For you people – and also those who are watching at home – here’s three events you may want to check out.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Velo Steve

1. Madison Cycling
Madison Cycling is a cycling track event, where the object is to race as many laps as possible. You’re in a team of two or three, and one cyclist racks up laps at a time. To switch between a cyclist, you tag another cyclist. This can either be a push or a slingshot (like the picture above), and accidents often happen.

It’s quite an incredible site watching this event, as it’s like Nascar, but more exciting. Crashes happen, and you’re not exactly what’s happening, but it’s quite fun.

Creative Commons License photo credit: maxintosh

2. Boxing
I’ll be honest, I hate boxing. I find it a rather barbaric sport that is rather unnecessary and violent. However, I do think that boxing at amateur & Olympic level, with all it’s rules, regulations and headgear, is a lot more watchable, as on top of being barbaric, the professional sport goes on far too long. 4 rounds holds my interest long enough.

Creative Commons License photo credit: truello

3. Beach Volleyball
Obvious why, really.

Any other sports you should look out for? I’m going to try and watch some of the Baseball tournament, amongst other things.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a question – which 4 nations have competed in every single modern Olympic Games? And as a bonus point, one of them have won a gold medal in every single Olympic Games. Who is it?

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