August 29th, 2008
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The World Is Out To Get Me


In two weeks, I’ll be heading to Sweden for a weekend of meatballs, Abba and other great Swedish stereotypes. Whilst I am looking for a couple of guestposters EMAIL ME IF YOU FANCY IT, I’m not really prepared for it. Been too busy to prepare. With my driving and exercising.

Anyway, turns out the company who I am flying with – Ryanair – have had two scrapes in the past week: one because of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, and another because of Mushroom Soup.

But as the BBC pointed out, there are three things that make a good story for the newspaper when it comes to flying:-

- no one died
- there was “celebrity” on board
- hey, it’s Ryanair!

The flight with the cabin pressure ticked all 3 (some polar explorer was on the flight), and the Mushroom Soup one ticked 2. Even so, I’m a bit worried about jetting off.

Secondly, I’m approaching the end of my driving, and getting ready to sit my exam. Turns out that people are complaining that the pass rates in North Wales are so low, with pass rates in Colwyn Bay being 39%. Just great, I’m getting to the point where I just want to be done with it, and get driving.

Right, onto the weekend, we’re off to Bamber Bridge (which I believe is just past Leeds) this weekend for some FA Cup action. Will be awesome, as apparently Bamber Bridge is a nice ground. Pictures will follow! What about your weekend? Anything special for you?

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