August 26th, 2008
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Trip To Durham


Hi everybody! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I certainly did. I was up at 6:30am to make the long trip to Durham to watch Colwyn Bay play in the second game of the season. We were the only one of two teams coming into the game that still have 100% records in the league.

Unfortunately, we lost our goalkeeper in the fifth minute, meaning that like last week, one of our defenders had to go in goal. We have lost two keepers in two games, and it should’ve been all over.

In truth, we were unlucky to win, but so were Durham, in the end, the game finished 0-0, but it was great. Here are some pictures from the weekend. There are more on facebook, or will be soon.

Durham’s Ground

The food was…a little odd

Sunderland’s infirm and Ladies of the Night are Well Catered in Durham

I had a great time drinking beer and watching football with mates, Durham is a great little club with some of the friendliest people I met on my travels, certainly wasn’t too bad “Oop North”! (Check out Andy Bailey’s response from the south here!)

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